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Pet friendly excursions and attractions


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Mutvoran Fortress
The remains of the fortress of Mutvoran, which used to protect Budava during the Roman and Byzantine rule, can be seen at the very entrance to the town. Take your pet into the distant past by walking through this medieval town.

Mate Balota Memorial Collection, Rakalj
Round off your visit to Rakalj by visiting the museum, a memorial collection depicting the life in Rakalj at the beginning of the 20th century, and Mate Balota’s literary and professional work. Your pet is welcome!

Lookout of St. Agnes
A walk through Stari Rakalj, apart from one of the most beautiful lookouts overlooking the Raša Bay, will delight you with its history – here you can see the remains of the former castle and the church of St. Agnes. Nature and the environment are perfect for spending time with your pets, but also for taking beautiful photos.

Stjepan Hauser Trail, Rakalj
This 5 km long trail, stretching from the bay of Kalavojna, along the Luka bay, all the way to the lighthouse of St. Mikula, is ideal for a walk with pets, short breaks and enjoying the beautiful landscape.